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  • Conservation Professional Exchange
    Conservation Professional Exchange
    August 2022

    Through funding from the Trust for Mutual Understanding, the Payette Children's Forest has been hosting a Conservation Professional Exchange in partnership with the Payette National Forest and the environmental NGO, CENN , from the country of Georgia 🇬🇪.  Nino Gaprindashvili, Deputy Director of Operations; Nino Tevzadze, Deputy Director, Climate Change; and Giorgi Orkodashvili, Project Manager, Civil Society Development are spending 10 days  in Idaho sharing their work and learning about the work of  Payette National Forest staff and other local conservation organizations through field visits and meetings.  

    They have met with staff from the Payette NF, Ponderosa Park, Nez Perce tribe, Payette Land Trust, Roots Forest School, Deirdre Abrams at Donnelly Elementary School, Wild Science Explorers and Idaho Trails Association.