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  • Curlew Ambassador
    Curlew Ambassador
    October 2019

    Meet Ruth, the newest addition to the team of Long-billed Curlew Ambassadors at the Intermountain Bird Observatory!


    Before heading out into the field with IBO researchers this past spring, Ruth had never heard of a Long-billed Curlew. But once she learned of the many dangers they are facing, she immediately stepped up to be a voice for this declining species! After doing her own research, she realized there were many community platforms she could use to get the word out about the curlew's plight. She gave a presentation for the 4-H club, wrote an article in the local newspaper AND created a poster for the Adam's County Fair of which she won a blue ribbon! When asked what served as her inspiration to go to such great outreach efforts- her answer was simple. "I know they are in trouble and they need our help right now". ❤
    She took it upon herself to educate her community by letting them know that the curlews can't hurt you. She said "they are just doing 'their thing' by trying to protect their family, so all you have to do is walk or drive away slowly if you or your car gets dive-bombed". Ruth said spreading curlew awareness makes her feel REALLY happy, especially knowing it will help ensure their return to Idaho next year. She continues educating people by wearing her Payette Children's Forest curlew t-shirt, in which Ruth states "it really gets people talking about what they are!" Her future plans include finding new ways to get the word out and she may start by hanging some informational posters in her community next spring as the curlews migrate back into the area.
    Ruth also wanted to share with everyone her all-time favorite thing about curlews, so head to this YouTube Link:  You won't want to miss it!!


    Want to learn more about curlews and opportunities on how YOU can be an ambassador for this species? Head to our website here: