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  • PCF Conservation Education Award
    February 2016


    See the award requirements below or click link to download form: 

     PCF Outdoor Educator Award

    Do you know an outstanding formal or non-formal educator or young leader (18 years old or younger) who significantly contributed to meaningful and affordable outdoor education, recreation, stewardship and work experiences for youth in Adams, Valley and/or Washington Counties during the past 3 years?  The Payette Children’s Forest is soliciting nominations for the following award categories:

      Formal Outdoor Educator 

     Non-formal Outdoor Educator  

     Youth Outdoor Leadership

    Eligibility:  Adult nominees must reside in and deliver outdoor education programming in Adams, Valley or Washington Counties.  Youth must have contributed to outdoor education programs in Adams, Valley or Washington Counties.

    Selection criteria:

    The Formal Educator Award recognizes public or private school classroom teachers who:

    §  Engage students in learning in meaningful ways using the outdoors as their classroom

    §  Encourage students to make informed decisions about community issues through place based education

    §  Encourage student involvement and action through individual or group projects to effect positive   change at school or within the local community;

    §  Links student learning to the appropriate state or national science benchmarks, curriculum frameworks, or standards;

    §  Inspires colleagues to engage in outdoor education activities


    The Non-formal Environmental Educator Award recognizes outdoor educators who work outside the formal classroom setting. The award recipient:

    §  Makes continuous and enduring contributions to youth outdoor education including recreation, stewardship and work experiences.

    §  Engages youth of all abilities and income levels in outdoor education, recreation, stewardship and/or work experiences

    §  Demonstrates capacity for creating and implementing successful education activities;

    §  Shows creative and innovative approaches to education programming;

    §  Demonstrates involvement with other community organizations or schools to deliver outdoor education or increase the capacity of other individuals/organizations to deliver these types of programs;


    The Youth Leadership Award recognizes leadership and outdoor education contributions from youth 18 years old and younger.  The award recipient:

    ·        Has made tangible contributions to outdoor education through mentoring, teaching or service projects.

    ·       Inspires other young people (and/or adults!) to be involved in outdoor education, work, stewardship or recreation activities

    ·       Has shown initiative and creativity in their endeavors


    Recognition:  Awardees will be determined by May 1, 2016. The winner in each adult category will receive $350 and the youth winner will receive $100.



    Nominations may be submitted either by the nominee or on his/her behalf by a colleague. Application Deadline:  Monday, March 14, 2016   





     Nominee’s Name

    Award Category (check one)    

    __ Formal Outdoor Educator  

    __ Non-Formal Outdoor Educator  

    __ Youth Outdoor Leader

     Name & address of Nominee’s school or organization


     Nominee’s Phone                                  

    Nominee’s email

    Nominated by

    Synopsis of your nominee’s most significant achievements, particularly as it relates to the above criteria (1/2 page or 350 words)








    Application Deadline:  Monday, March 14, 2016 (postmark)

    Send completed application to: Payette Children’s Forest, PO Box 3174, McCall, ID  83638 or by email to: