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Snowdon Wildlife Sanctuary

Snowdon Wildlife Sanctuary is located in a semi-remote location bounded by State and National Forest land near McCall, ID. This mountainous and forested area in the Rocky Mountain ecosystem lies along the Lake Fork River and is part of a significant drainage area. It’s also a key migration corridor for elk, wolves, bears, wolverines, cougars, and other animals heading to and from the vast Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness area. The 35-acre sanctuary has a number of animal pens and enclosures, and a clinic well equipped to care for ill and injured animals. A large, two-acre enclosure and a one-acre enclosure house and care for large animals. This winter, the larger enclosure is being utilized to rehabilitate 10 bear cubs, all of whom are awaiting release back into their natural habitats in June. All facilities are off-the-grid and use green technologies. In 2006, Snowdon’s Board of Directors decided to place a conservation easement on the property through the Wildlife Land Trust, ensuring that this natural gem will be protected forever. While the public is not allowed into the animal rehabilitation areas, Snowdon's on-site Visitor and Education Center, located just inside the main entrance, offers visitors an opportunity to learn about the work and the wildlife the sanctuary supports. The center is frequented by visits from Snowdon's resident animal ambassadors.

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